Reza Kabir
Black Cat - Felicia Hardy [The Amazing Spider-Man]


Reza Kabir

Black Cat - Felicia Hardy [The Amazing Spider-Man]


Joseph Linsner


Joseph Linsner



Page from Claws by Joseph Linsner





"Wait, you haven’t eaten in two days? Seriously? You should have told me this was an emergency."


"Yes seriously,
       alright shall we go? 

it’s on me.”

"Well, if it’s on you there’s this really expensive place I’ve always wanted to try.”




It’s a good night for that


I wouldn’t mind if you ever want to visit. You might like my cat.

You had me at cat.

Want the first sip of wine? You’re the guest, after all. Well, sort of.

Wannabe|| Closed to the Spice Girls



‘They have a movie?’ she asks; there’s confusion in her eyes, at the smirks the women wear. ‘I thought they were singers?’

She moves off the sidewalk to let people pass. She doesn’t know anyone who sings and acts in movies-at least not well and this isn’t making her think it will end.

‘They have a world? Are they aliens?’


Felicia’s final comment made Selina weary. She had heard so many different rumors about the Spice Girls, especially the ginger one, but she hoped it wasn’t true. They better be great. Especially if Laura had never even heard them before.

She nods in agreement at Felicia’s assignment for Laura. She even thought she might have a copy at the apartment that Laura could use. But before she could offer that, she had to laugh. 

"They’re not aliens, but aliens are involved.." 

She leaves it at that. 
It’s too funny to explain.


"It’s just the title of the— never mind."

This was going to be fun. Felicia had forgotten about aliens or how they were involved, so maybe there’d be something to learn—or rather relearn about the Spice Girls for all involved.

The anticipation was killing her, at this point. “Come on. Let’s go watch it right now. Right this second. I’ll download a copy onto my phone if I have to.”a





Everybody was a rookie at one point. As good as I was on my feet back then, it took some time to get used to swinging on grappling hooks. Spider-Man makes it look so simple. The jerk. You know, I’ve never been to Hong Kong. I’ll have to make time.


It always looks easy from down below. Try using a whip to get from a to b, even trickier. But a lot more fun — grappling hooks reduce the risks, make you more relaxed about the whole thing. Free falling from ten stories up will soon fix that problem. 

You mainly operate inside of New York? Shame for you — I’d go stir crazy of Gotham was my sole source of income. Not that it matters these days really - and some people join the army to see the world. 

Well, yeah, I operate here. You can’t throw a rock in this city without hitting a superhero, or a villain, or some celebrity. There’s always something new and shiny to get my claws on. I have worked with a few teams though, and been around. None of them seemed to last.

I take it you operate just about anywhere, then? Sheesh, makes me feel small time. Once I get back on my feet I’ll have to try making Black Cat more of a household name.

reblog with your characters face when he/she is looking at the booty


What is your favorite snack-food when you're feeling munchy?

Bacon-wrapped scallops.

—But now that I’m broke, probably those goldfish crackers.