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Female Cats Are Called Queens for a Reason



"I’m always curious, but since I didn’t notice anything remotely hillbilly about you’re smile," Patsy shrugged at her reason for not freaking out over the lost tooth. "However, think how much easier it would have been to get a cab…" She trailed off with a mental image of Felicia with a hole in her grin whistling loudly and a hundred cabs stopping in front of her.

Patsy suddenly reached across the table to take Felicia’s hands in her own. “I missed you. I think the last we were together was the thing for Val and I’m kind of tiffed she didn’t call back either. I was worried after her friend died.” There was another friendship Patsy had let fade. It was sort of looking like a trend actually. Patsy tried to brush off that depressing thought and gave Felicia’s hands a final pat before she sat back in her chair.

"Didja try to work it out with the spider yet? I always thought you were cute together. Well he’s cute, you’re beautiful and together you’re cuteaful! Ew, that sorta sounds like cute-awful, nevermind."

"Oh, come on. We both know I don’t take cabs. That’s what the grappling hooks are for. —You’re not wrong though."

The job with Val brought back memories. In hindsight calling in so many people to a fight like that might have been overkill, but it was fun to get to stand side by side with friends and throw a few good punches. That was always fun, unless it was gross aliens.

"Cuteaful, hmm? I’ll remember that one. Anyway I wouldn’t say anything has worked out. Far from it. He kind of admitted to being brain-swapped with Doctor Octopus, which is just gross. It’s some secret, too, and the worst part is nobody seems to believe me. Or they believe him when he says he’s himself. It’s enough to give me a headache. Thank god for wine and shots.”



Alright, I’ll admit it, if you didn’t tell me where you’d be tonight, it probably woulda taken me a lot longer to catch you in the act. You’re good. You’re still playing a dangerous game, though. And you realize if you continue stealing, I’m gonna have to do something about that, right? I don’t wanna have to bust ya, please don’t make me.

Oh, here we go. I let you into my home just so you can slap on an imaginary police badge and give me a pep talk. What’s the point of putting on a mask and having all that power if you don’t do anything exciting with it?




Really? Taking the theme too far.

What? It’s fun to play around with. Don’t knock it till you try it.



"Do sidekicks actually pick the name beforehand? I always thought like Batman picked Robin and Cap just didn’t wanna come up with a nickname. We definitely need to find a rule book. Or write our own if one doesn’t exist."


"Sidekicks for Dummies. I’d wager it exists somewhere. I’m not really the sidekick type, anyway. It’s either me, alone, or a full team. That is, unless Spider-Man counts as my sidekick. He might as well be for how much I have to carry him when we work together.”


by J. Scott Campbell.


by J. Scott Campbell.





friendship (◡‿◡✿)

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X-Factor #219



"What? you totally can pick your sidekick’s name you’re the boss."


"Salem! I knew it was an S!"

"Maybe there’s a rule book we can look at to figure this out. I’m not sure I’d go picking a new name for a sidekick if they’ve got one already. Unless the name they picked sucks."



Oh please, I only focus on the big stuff. Y’know, giant rhino dudes bustin’ up Midtown, crazy guys in goblin masks dropping bombs in Times Square. Stopping robberies is more of a ‘if I happen to be there’ sorta thing.

Besides, I prefer to do my scolding in person.

You can just admit it and say I’ve been too good to catch. What’s the matter, can’t track me down if I’m not crashing through walls? Next time I’m working I’ll do you a favor and smash a few windows so you can find me. Then maybe you can do some of that scolding.




                        “That would be a no.
                          I see no reason to be
                         offended, they’re quite
                         the adaptive race.”

"In that case, thanks. …I think. Either way, I’m not one of them. I’m human. What about you? You’ve got the green part down but I’ve got a feeling you’re not a Hulk.





"Just looking out for number one, mostly. I know those geeks are working with Spidey, and I don’t want him pulling any surprises on me."


   ”Ooh — so it’s Spider-man you’re after. Interesting. Truly. It’s ironic, too, because cats usually do chase after spiders.”

"Sure do. They bat ‘em around and everything. I plan on doing my fair share of batting before I sink the claws in for good. Now I think it’s my turn you ask what you’re doing around here.”




"Hell, I still owe you a pint from the last time- and after the sort of day I’ve had, getting to take a good-looking lass out for a drink hardly seems like a punishment."

"That’s got to be the first time someone’s compared spending time with me to anything but punishment. I’m flattered.”